Below you will find selected previous research papers and commentary by Jens Nordvig and various coauthors:

Prize Winning Paper for the Wolfson Economics Prize 2012: wolfsonLogo

Rethinking the European monetary union

Prize Winning Paper for the Rybczynski Young Economist Prize 2003

Currency Appreciation in Central Europe – Equilibrium or Bubble?

Op-ed in the Financial Times:

The best way to save the eurozone (January 2012.)

Mr Feldstein is wrong (April 2012)

Articles on VOX: Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists

The Eurozone breakup debate: Uncertainty still reigns (November 2012)

The probability of Greek exit, revisited (December 2012)


Matematik og Økonomi (Mathematics and Economics), Gyldendal, 2001

By Nikolaj Malchow-Møller and Jens J. Nordvig-Rasmussen (aka Jens Nordvig)